Surface Treatment Liquid

Suprabha offers a range of Surface Treatment Liquids to degrease and de-rust components. Several of these user-friendly liquid concentrates are biodegradable.

Some of the unique advantages of the Suprabha range are:

  • Inhibitors for long lasting rust protection: Unlike conventional options, Suprabha Surface Treatment Liquids have inhibitors that prevent atmospheric pollutants from affecting protected surfaces after cleaning.
  • Inexpensive maintenance: Suprabha has aqueous baths which are near neutral and can be topped up inexpensively, unlike with traditional options.
  • Zero power consumption: Unlike TCE baths, which require higher temperatures, Suprabha's solvent cut-back cleaners can be used at room temperature. This means no power bills and minimised evaporation losses.
  • Zero hazard:  Unlike conventional baths that tend to be carcinogenic and hazardous, Suprabha's aqueous baths release no toxic fumes. They can be disposed of without any treatment, through a regular oil waste disposal system.


Causes 'flash rusting': Cleaned surfaces begin to catch rust immediately after cleaning due to atmospheric pollutants. Sustained effect: Cleaned surfaces remain rust free long after cleaning. Suprabha Surface Treatment Liquid has inhibitors that prevent contact between atmospheric pollutants and surface molecules.
Expensive replacement and predisposal neutralisation needed: Baths get acidic over time and need frequent replacement. Predisposal neutralisation becomes mandatory. Economical use after use: With pH between 9 - 9.5, baths don't become acidic. They are not required to be replaced but periodically topped. Predisposal treatment is not necessary.
High heating costs: Baths need to be maintained at higher temperatures by electric heating, resulting in power consumption and 30-40% evaporation. Zero power consumption: Can be used at room temperature, resulting in zero power consumption and evaporation loss of less than 10%.
Hazardous and carcinogenic: Prior to disposal, baths need to be treated appropriately. Safe to use: Perfectly safe to handle because it releases no toxic fumes. No predisposal treatment is necessary. Can be disposed of through the regular oil waste disposal system.