Suprabha Dehumidifier

Suprabha Dehumidifier is an incredibly powerful moisture dessicant that absorbs up to 85% of its own weight. Unlike conventional desiccants like silica gel, this clay-based dehumidifier does not release absorbed moisture back into the environment. Nor does it ooze water or get wet when saturated.

Besides its powerful action, Suprabha Dehumidifier offers benefits such as:

  • Safety to metal products : Unlike silica gel, Suprabha Dehumidifier's near neutral pH range ensures that no adverse effect is caused on ferrous or non-ferrous metal cargo.
  • Economical protection: Only 20 g/cubic feet is required for controlling humidity, when used in combination with Rustopowder.
  • Long-term effect: When used in combination with Suprabha Rustopowder, Suprabha Dehumifier can provide rust prevention for as many as 24 months.
  • Ready-to-use on delivery: Parts, components or assembled units are ready for final assembly on delivery.
  • Easy, safe disposal: Unlike silica gel, which is voluminous and which needs neutralisation treatment before disposal, Suprabha Dehumidifier can be safely disposed of like solid waste, without treatment.