Rustopowder works by a powerful, dynamic process, in which VCI molecules vapourise and settle on every surface of metal components, including inner cavities and hard-to-reach recessed areas. The film thus formed prevents rust from attacking metal components over extended periods of time. Even if the packaging is damaged and the product exposed to the atmosphere, continued vapourisation helps keep the protective film intact.

Besides lasting rust protection for up to 24 months, Rustopowder offers the following advantages:

  • Versatile and economical: When used on its own, a mere 5 gm/cft of Rustopowder is enough to protect almost any metal surface, ferrous or non-ferrous, for a full year. In combination with Suprabha Dehumidifier, quantities as small as 2.5 gm/cft suffice.
  • Delivered in a ready-to-use state: Components, parts or assembled units protected with Rustopowder, reach their destinations in a ready-to-use condition. No time or effort needs to be wasted in degreasing, cleaning or removing the VCI layer. VCI does not impact the working of most electric and electronic components; making the product suitable also in working electric panels.
  • Unaffected by contingencies: Even if packaging is damaged in transit, the exposed components continue to be safeguarded by Rustopowder. The continuous vapour action of VCI leaves the protective film undisturbed.
  • High standards: This product conforms to IS-5730 specifications.
  • Available in a range of forms: Rustopowder is made in a range of pouch sizes, including 5 /10 /20/50 and 100 gms. It is also available in tablet form.