While water is popularly associated with corrosion, the Suprabha research team has achieved a breakthrough that gives water a whole new dimension. The Rustopliq range of products uses water as a base to actually prevent corrosion.This prophylactic rust control product line prevents corrosion across a variety of materials and applications.Rustopliq can be used to effectively protect metal surfaces or components that are waiting online or in-plant for the next process. Keeping the short waiting period in mind, Rustopliq offers necessary protection for periods ranging from a few hours to a few days. At the same time, the product has the ability to neutralise acidic traces left behind by fingerprints – a first in India's corrosion- protection systems.

Protection can be easily and inexpensively extended if desired, with reapplication of Rustoplique.Further, its neutralization action eliminates the acidic traces in the vicinity to avoid any further attack on metal. Besides surface protection, the use of water in Rustopliq offers unprecedented advantages such as:

  • Elimination of the high costs associated with rust prevention oils: Rustopliq is economical to use even when reapplied repeatedly.
  • Saved time and labour: With Rustopliq, there is no need to install complex multi-tank systems to clean the layer of oil and rust on components. The stages of wrapping and oiling during storage can also be eliminated.
  • Environmental safety: Rustopliq’s non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-inflammable formulation and mild fragrance makes it an eco-friendly rust-prevention measure. In addition, Rustopliq eliminates the need for polluting cleaning systems, which are necessary when oil based products are used.