Suprabha Rustojel is a heavy-duty innovation that protects metal surfaces even in 100% humidity conditions. This ready-to-use petroleum jelly-based rust preventive gel works in two ways. A tenacious protective film is formed on metal surfaces to form a physical barrier against moisture; in addition, a protective vapour barrier is created by VCI additives, to keep corrosion-promoting elements like oxygen and moisture at bay. Suprabha Rustojel has been designed to protect partly machined large castings received from vendors, fabricated items, welded joints, etc.



Rustojel offers advantages unimaginable with conventional methods.

  • Reliable in any condition: Rustojel is effective indoors as well as outdoors, in medium humidity as well as in 100% humidity conditions.
  • Flow-proof protection: Unlike oils that tend to flow down with gravity and the heat, Rustojel stays intact to offer protection against rust.
  • Minimised downtime: Since protected surfaces don't need cleaning or de-greasing before assembly, expensive time and effort are saved with Rustojel protection.
  • Easy handling: Suprabha Rustojel is as easy to use as it is to remove. It also works out to be significantly economical.
  • Safe today and in the future: Rustojel is non-hazardous and totally safe for use. It is also environment-friendly.

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