This versatile co-extruded SVCI polyethylene film has been designed to protect ferrous and non-ferrous materials against corrosion. It affords dry protection to packed metal components. Translucent and heat sealable, Rustofilm is available in a range of colours such as blue, yellow and green. An anti-static variation has been developed for electric/electronic components.

Users of Rustofilm get the advantage of:

  • Thorough protection that works inside as well as outside: The effect of SVCI works not only on the surface, but also in recessed areas and interior cavities of components.
  • Versatility to suit most sizes and shapes: These innovative materials are available in a range of thicknesses (300-600 gauge) in forms such as bags, gusseted bags, tubing and sheeting. Suprabha is one of few manufacturers globally to offer multi-layered blown films of up to 6000 mm width.
  • An award-winning seaworthy packaging system: In combination with extra barrier material covers like LDPE/HDPE fabric, Suprabha Rustofilm forms an effective Transparent Seaworthy Packaging System that offers users effective, cost-effective protection.

This system has won the prestigious 'INDIA STAR 2006' from the Indian Institute of Packaging and 'WORLD STAR 2006' from the World Packaging Organization.