Rust Preventive Oils and Rustojel

The importance of preventing rust from metal components cannot be overemphasized. While traditional oils and gels form protective films on metal, these are easily disturbed during handling. As a result, the exposed area catches rust, which then spreads to areas beneath the oil layer.

Suprabha's rust preventive products use technology to offer bi-level protection that works in spite of regular day-to-day handling.



SVCI Rust Preventive Oils

Pioneered in India by Suprabha, these advanced oils have a bi-level action for fool-proof efficacy. At the first level, SVCI Rust Preventive Oils work as contact inhibitors by forming a film over metal surfaces to protect them from the surface atmosphere. Even if the oil film is broken during handling, the metal surface is not left vulnerable to rusting. This is because SVCI chemicals blended in the oil release vapours that form a protective barrier for uninterrupted protection. Using Suprabha Rust Preventive Oils ensures protection from rust to ferrous and most non-ferrous metals, even in high-humidity environments and with day-to-day handling.

SVCI Rust Preventive oils also offer unique advantages such as:

  • Rust protection in hard-to-reach areas:  SVCI protection extends deep into the recessed areas and internal cavities of components, where traditional oils can never reach. Besides common applications such as dipping and brushing, it can also be used to form a fine air-mist, to extend protection to inaccessible surfaces such as the inside of gas tanks or large gear boxes.
  • Acid neutralisers: These oils have special properties that neutralise acids in the atmosphere or those transferred by fingerprints onto metal surfaces.
  • De-watering properties: SVCI Rust Preventive oils have the ability to de-bond water from the wet surfaces of components.
  • Safety to humans and the environment: Suprabha's Rust Preventive Oils are non-toxic and have an inoffensive odour, which make them ideal for use in plants. In addition, they are 100% eco-friendly and environmentally safe.
  • Industry benchmarked: These oils conform to IS-1674.

Suprabha also offers a special SVCI concentrate for oils, suitable for use with hydraulic oils, gear oils and other lubricating oils, besides MTO & kerosene.


Suprabha Rustojel is a heavy-duty innovation that protects metal surfaces even in 100% humidity conditions. This ready-to-use petroleum jelly-based rust preventive gel works in two ways. A tenacious protective film is formed on metal surfaces to form a physical barrier against moisture; in addition, a protective vapour barrier is created by SVCI additives, to keep corrosion-promoting elements like oxygen and moisture at bay. Suprabha Rustojel has been designed to protect partly machined large castings received from vendors, fabricated items, welded joints, etc.

Rustojel offers advantages unimaginable with conventional methods.

  • Reliable in any condition: Rustojel is effective indoors as well as outdoors, in medium humidity as well as in 100% humidity conditions.
  • Flow-proof protection: Unlike oils that tend to flow down with gravity and the heat, Rustojel stays intact to offer protection against rust.
  • Minimised downtime: Since protected surfaces don't need cleaning or de-greasing before assembly, expensive time and effort are saved with Rustojel protection.
  • Easy handling: Suprabha Rustojel is as easy to use as it is to remove. It also works out to be significantly economical.
  • Safe today and in the future: Rustojel is non-hazardous and totally safe for use. It is also environment-friendly.