Biodegradable Synthetic Paper

This range of polymer based synthetic paper combines the best of polymer and paper, to offer fool-proof protection to finished and semi-finished ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys such as aluminium, copper, brass and silver. This unique paper also gives users the advantage of high-quality printability. The unique co-extrusion manufacturing process and the SVCI additives in Suprabha synthetic paper, scores over conventional material like LDPE film in numerous ways.

  • Total resistance to rust-causing moisture molecules: Suprabha synthetic paper forms a powerful barrier against moisture, thereby preventing corrosion to components over extended periods of time.
  • Self-replenishing protection even in adverse conditions: Even if the fit is not perfect or there is damage caused to packaging material, SVCI vapours act to offer continuing protection to metal products.
  • Versatile Applications: This advanced material can be used for packaging and over-wrapping metal components, as well as for lining corrugated boxes. Suprabha Biodegradable Synthetic paper comes in a specialist variant, where it is laminated with HDPE fabric to offer extra strength, durability and water-proof properties.
  • Environment-friendly solution: Suprabha synthetic paper is biodegradable, and leaves no hazardous traces on the material packaged or in the environment. However, in order to withstand the rigours of outside storage, the product has been designed to resist decomposition for up to a period of five years.