Our company profile

Suprabha's association with innovation dates back to its very inception. In the 70s, the company created a ground-breaking innovation by developing bio-degradable, eco-friendly Suprabha Vapour Corrosion Inhibition Technology (SVCI). SVCI products revolutionised the world of anticorrosion solutions and Suprabha became India's first bio-degradable, eco-friendly SVCI provider.

In existence for over 4 decades now, Suprabha Protective Products Pvt. Ltd. Is acknowledged today as a Corrosion Solutions leader, the Suprabha Group is an INR 1,000 million group. It is the first & only VCI manufacturer in the world to get an ISO: TS 16949 certification.

A few distinguishing features of the Suprabha group are:

  • Numerous awards and pioneering credits
  • Its place at the forefront of technology and innovations. The Group is driven by its motto of Mantra, Tantra and Yantra, which is self-reliance
  • Total integrated manufacturing facilities spread over 300000 sq. ft. in Pune, Maharashtra
  • Emphasis on research at the core of the Group's mission. A committed panel of scientists and technologists, working in a fully-equipped R&D laboratory, fructifies this goal
  • Superior quality, customer satisfaction, ethics and an environment-caring attitude are at the top of its strategic agenda. The values of ethical practices, organic material, water-based chemicals and human safety guide every Suprabha endeavour
  • The Group has a vision for diversification and has already made an entry into global markets


Late Mr. J S Betrabet

Innovator, Pioneer, Founder

Founder and late Chairman, Jaikrishna Shripad Betrabet was an innovator par excellence. His genius planted the seed of bio-degradable, eco-friendly corrosion inhibitors in India. His vision, zeal and inspiration have made the Suprabha Group what it is today. Mr. Betrabet started his career at Tata Chemicals in Mithapur, Gujarat, where as a mechanical engineer, he was involved with indigenously setting up infrastructure to double plant capacity. In his next job, with FAG Bearings, an Indo-Swiss venture, Mr. Betrabet once noticed an imported bearing wrapped in what looked like ordinary paper. What amazed the young engineer was that the bearing was rust-free, in spite of the fact that there was no coating of oil or grease on it. An analysis of the paper and a search for information on patents revealed that the paper was impregnated with corrosion inhibiting chemicals. In this paper, Mr. Betrabet saw the beginnings of his own vision of a rust-free India

Mr. Prabhakar Rao Bantwal

Innovator, Environmentalist, Philanthropist, Chairman and Managing Director

Although a Chartered Accountant by qualification, Mr. Bantwal's entrepreneurial skills and concern for the environment found a fitting canvas in Suprabha. Together with his father-in-law, the late Mr. Betrabet, he brought into practice the values that define Suprabha, i.e. ethical practices, innovation, human safety and responsibility towards the environment. Mr. Bantwal's pioneering efforts have given Suprabha, and indeed the world, innovative eco-friendly products such as organic rust converters, clay-based desiccants and water based Rust Preventive products. Under his leadership, Suprabha has developed customer-centric concepts like 'Life Cycle Protection of Components', 'Corrosion Audit' and 'Seaworthy Packaging Systems'. It has always been Mr. Bantwal's belief that the success of an enterprise is attributed to its people. He has to his credit a dedicated team that works in perfect synergy with the vision and mission of the Suprabha Group.

Mrs. Sumalata Bantwal


A former banker, Mrs. Bantwal uses her astute administrative skills to manage multiple functions of the organization, including ,administration, purchase and HR. She ably supports the Chairman & Managing Director to ensure the smooth functioning of the Suprabha Group.

Dr. S R Rajgopalan

Technical Adviser

Fondly known as Dr. S R R, Dr. Rajgopalan is an Emeritus Scientist of NAL (National Aeronautics Laboratory), Bengaluru. In his capacity as Director of the Surface Treatment Division at NAL, he has been responsible for various innovations that have saved India millions of rupees in foreign exchange. Dr. S R R’s association with the Suprabha Group has led to the introduction of numerous innovative products, systems and processes. His inventive spirit has helped Suprabha stay at the cutting edge of innovation, especially in its R&D efforts for the development of eco-friendly bio-degradable products and formulations. Dr. Rajgopalan is the guiding force for the high quality standards maintained by Suprabha.


Suprabha has sophisticated manufacturing facilities in and around Pune, spread over 150000 square feet of land. Suprabha has consistently upgraded its facilities. That it has the world’s finest and fully-integrated production line from Starlinger is but a natural consequence of its dedicated efforts to stay ahead of its times. State-of-the-art HDPE / PP woven-fabric plant from Starlinger can manufacture fabric to suit a whole host of packaging applications. Needless to mention, the material produced has a fine finish and superior strength. The fully automated and integrated production line covers all processes and products ranging from film blowing / extrusion of polymers, lamination, chemical coating to the fabrication of customised covers. The lamination plant is equipped to produce laminated fabric up to 4250 mm in single width. These facilities produce fabric in various colours, shapes and sizes.